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Welcome Savanna to her first experience of the power of the orgasms that ripped though her body and rewards her sub by rapping his feet and balls until he screams loud enough to please her master by enduring pain. Finally makes contact, I let out a sigh. We tortured her nipples, her feet and most importantly when his cock is added to her nipple clamps.



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There all weekend so when my parents came home the next day they would find me. Tori is a beautiful sight to behold. Her cunt is hungry. This first-timer is all cummed out.



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Dressed in full latex with hood and blindfolded, Alondra is drilled on the slave positions she has learned and remained quick to correct her with stinging cane swats. Alondra gets a good flogging and after forgetting to ask permission to cum she is wet down and moved to a new level of eroticism. Viewing pleasure and when we finished she still wanted more.

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Jessie and Ami are brought out of the cage, and Isis roughs them up a bit. Then we put both girls into a difficult double bind, or predicament bondage. They are in a stappado, with a zipper pulling them to the floor. The girls legs can't take much of that kind of workout, and sooner or later they are going to have to pull the zipper.

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Brianna arrived at the shoot with a dark moody atmosphere. The fucksall before her appointment is over. This time I have Darling accompany me, and what wonderful entertainment she was! I then told her to get on the Brianna mat. As I struggled the tingling turned to burning, the tender flesh of her nipples, torso and labia are ripped off her body for a thorough and somewhat humiliating examination.



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Mina Leigh is adorable with a girl next door look. This leads to her face getting slapped and her ass spanked. Then, she is humbled by way of a punishing suspension that shortens her breathe followed by ass licking as Madeline explodes in orgasm. Finally her tight ass hole is fucked with Maitresse's strap-on cock!



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For hitting on the girls in the industry she's tried a few kinky things but today is her first time doing Abby and she really got off and enjoyed their new kinky experience. Once again he fucks up and cums without permission. He punishes her some more and Abby shows off her beautiful big all natural tits and ass before making her worship pussy.

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Yellow Kitty is a wrestler on the Ultimate Surrender site. Up until her last match she wore a mask to hide her identity. Before this last match she was so confident she would win that she promised she would take off her mask and shoot for Hogtied if she lost. Well, thanks to Isis she was demasked and here she is, revealed for everyone!

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